October 8, 2008

Winners of the 2008 Roy Spinto Mask Competish!!!

Well, the results are in! It was quite the contest! Here are the top ten winners of this year's mask competition, with some select comments from our celebrity judges. Thank you to everyone who submitted.

GRAND PRIZE - Karl Frankenfield
"Save me Spintos!" - Jim McGuinn
"Excellent visual impact; excellent design & composition" - John Krill
"Good tonality within the highlights and shadows of the picture." - Yale MFA photographers
"Really dope" - Pigeon John

2nd PLACE - Victoria and Charlotte Schofield"This is one of my favorites, because of the guy in the back...slick shot...really great, this looks fantastic and untrying"- Pigeon John
"It should have been the worst picture but its incredibly hilarious." - Yale MFA photographers
"Would you like fries with your Spintos? The name tag won me over big" - Jim McGuinn

3rd PLACE - Zerena Diaz"Roy was always a winner; good use of color" - John Krill
"Like the kitten, it's obvious, but still fun" - Jim McGuinn
"We want a monster truck wheel just coming in to the frame." - Yale MFA photographers

4th PLACE - Nogeeshik Haskell"I love kats, really like the loungey feel" - Pigeon John
"A bit obvious, but still fun times" - Jim McGuinn
"Too clawing for Roy" - John Krill

5th PLACE - Erin Black"Mysterious; excellent dramatic black & white; great retro and futuristic"- John Krill
"Please don't kill the spinto band when you see them in person" - Yale MFA photographers
"This is the guy thast gonna stab nicholas at a show in memphis" - Pigeon John

6th PLACE - Jenny Casmus"The tension is held well within the frame."- Yale MFA photographers
"I have no idea why, but I love this one. Maybe it's the arms raised in triumph, maybe it's the general construction paper-ness of the mise-en-scene."- Jim Mcguinn

7th PLACE - Lisa Manfre"Good tensions between static design and strong perspective" - John Krill
"We were scared." - Yale MFA photographers

8th PLACE - Joe Madonna"Better in the toilet" - Yale MFA photographers
"That's pretty funny. Mighta been funnier if it was on the inside and prone to being pee'd upon" - Jim McGuinn

9th PLACE Ice Cream- Diandra Reyes"Too sweet for Roy's tastes"- John Krill
"Who doesn't love a little chocolate? Not Roy! "- Jim McGuinn
"Makes me hungry...for her soul"- Pigeon John

10th PLACE - Corrine Frankenfield
"Good landscape but mask too diminutive"- John Krill


Victoria said...


lisa said...

When I sent my submission, I already regretted ! Now that I see my picture, I realize even more how stupid it is ! Haha! I don't deserve that 7th place !

Victoria said...

Lisa you do you weirdo! You deserve it just as much as anyone else did!

Joe Mad said...

Ha Ha... I know Lisa.. my toilet picture is so "not so funny"...but I am glad somebody thought it was worth it... good job everybody!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the judges were snarky.

catalina said...

snap, i could have won a sweet ipod

Thomas said...

...told you so.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the judges were being fake mean? .. Sadly, that doesn't work well in type.