November 24, 2008

Winner of the YouTube Live Sea Breeze contest: WALRUS MAN

YouTube Live! was fun. This was sad.


lisa said...

You were, as usual, so amazing ! It's sad that the Walrus Man turned it down. I first thought that you weren't serious about that Sea Breeze thing, and I was glad that you were actually very serious. That was very courageous from you !

alisa said...

Aww that was sad but you guys did a great job on the show. :D

Ryan said...

Maybe should have picked something less suspect than an alcoholic drink to give to Walrus Man.

Gabriel said...

I wonder if MC Hammer would have taken it... but to be fair it is really difficult to not be mistrusted when offering a stranger a drink. Did anyone eventually take it?

Anonymous said...

no offense guys..but I wouldn't take a fruity drink like a sea-breeze from a bunch of guys..he probally thought you were going to put something in his drink...

you should have given it to katy perry..she's a party girl!

Enilorac said...

I wish I had longer arms...

Skeeter said...

Why exactly do they call him the walrus man? Hell my tutor looks more like a walrus than him. Serious. Just wait til you see him attempt to make sweet porn with a walrus off the shores of the atlantic. You won't even be able to tell walrus from man. Well, apart from the slight difference in genitals.

Peace out

Pepper ann said...

I wish i had some hot walrus ass right now. Mmm, just thinking about it makes sticky stuff come out my panties.


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