December 1, 2008

The Spinto Band Holiday Tour '08!

Happy December everybody! We've got some news for you:

Pretty crazy, right? The end of that video is no joke! The part of Joe Hobson WILL be played by Stevie Hobson on this Holiday Tour. These will be our last shows of this year, so please join us and The Oxford Collapse in this wintry mix of neglected New England.

12/03 - Garfield Artworks - Pittsburgh, PA*
12/04 - The Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
12/05 - Mohawk Place - Buffalo, NY
12/06 - Iron Horse Music Hall - Northampton, MA
12/07 - Club Hell - Providence, RI
12/09 - Space Gallery - Portland, ME
12/10 - The Space - Hamden, Connecticut
12/11 - The Bog - Scranton, PA
12/12 - FREE at Noon Concert at the World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA*
12/12 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ
12/13 - The Talking Head - Baltimore, MD

*Without Oxford Collapse

Visit our myspace for more info or to buy tickets!


Jon said...

wow- upon watching this video, I wonder... does it make any sense?


Chris said...

That's some crazy video. The incessant yapping of the dog was almost hypnotic. I must say I'm a fan of the hip matching reddish/orange turtlenecks or whatever they are.I guess it's sad that Joe has been kicked out of the band for the tour, but I guess it's in the name of progress or something.

On an unrelated note, what do I have to do to get the Spinto Band to come to Vermont? I mean how does a wintry tour of New England skip out on Vermont (and New Hampshire, but I can't say NH has done anything for me lately, so forget about them). Perhaps I should deliver a dump truck full of money to Spinto Band headquarters? Or maybe just copious amounts of food. I bet you guys would enjoy that.

Oh well, in the meantime I guess I'll just chalk this one up as yet another diabolical plot by the UVM faculty to pay off the spinto band and make sure I'm studying instead of watching an awesome concert.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Joey won't be touring on this end of tour ?

Ryan said...

I wish I could make it to one of those shows. I'd love to see Stevie playing with the band!

Sixties Relic said...

Jon, it made sense to me.