December 8, 2008

Cooking with Jon

While we do like to do more than promote tours and shows and other various spinto activities on this blog, sometimes we find that promoting an event is a good excuse to make a silly video... Case in point, tonite in Boston... day off, no show, no Phillies games for a few months- lets make a youtube video promoting our XPN show...

details about the gig after the video:

The XPN gig

Friday December 12, 2009
12 noon
hear it live-
In person: World Cafe Live
on radio: 88.5 WXPN (only for people in or around the Philadelphia area)

PS- the pasta sauce was a little spicy, but luckily there wasn't really enough of it for anyone to have too much and then there was too much pasta, so everyone had barely any of the too spicy sauce mixed into an extra large serving of angel hair pasta and so the spice (or any of the taste) was mellowed nicely. We had eggnog for dessert.

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Gabriel said...

Safety first. Haha.