May 2, 2012

Shy Pursuit IS HERE.

Would have written about this yesterday but there were too many crazy things happening. It all had to do with Shy Pursuit being officially available all over the world.
If you haven't picked up a copy yet, please visit your nearest local record shop and see if they have a copy. If they don't then demand one! We also have copies available through our web-store!

But if you want it's also available on a number of favorite internet places for music, such as:


When you buy from us, it's better for the band but we understand that you may have a gift certificate or even just prefer these sites. However you want to do it is fine with us! 

In other news, our "Take It" video was featured on the VEVO homepage yesterday as well! We're there right alongside the likes of Akon and Rhianna! Check it out HERE.

And in celebration of Shy Pursuit being born into the world we are playing loads of shows. Go to the the "Shows" tab to get the scoop on that. More information on the residencies soon!

We'd also like to thank anyone that has already purchased a copy of the record. It's been a long time in the making and even a longer time in the releasing. We feel very grateful for the amount of support we've seen thus far and can only hope it continues. Thank you!!!


Anneke Koster said...

Love the album and would have bought it from your shop if the shipping costs to the Netherlands wouldn't have been sky high :P. Hope to see you live again soon, any chance?

Ryan said...

I just got my Spinto Band vinyl in the mail, and carefully removed and preserved the jokey free download sticker. Can't wait to give it a spin... toe!