May 3, 2012

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Hey folks.  Have you heard?  Tuesdays and Thursdays are being called the new borough.  Why?  Because they are the hippest days.  Why?  Because you can come check out sweet lineups we put together at KungFu Necktie in Philadelphia (Tues) and The Rock Shop in Brooklyn (Thurs).  We recently calculated (it was a lot of math) that we will never reach the level of Animal Collective where we get to organize our own All Tomorrows Parties festival, so this is what we are doing instead:
We will have two great shows in two of our favorite places every week in May.  We are pumped.  Are you pumped?  Let's get you a bit more pumped...

The Purples- These our some great friends of ours.  We have shared stages at Christian colleges, Texas bars, and volleyball courts with these men during their years playing with The Teeth.  Now, named after a  color that accurately describes their passion for rock, they will be dropping it on both stages.

Alec Ounsworth- We all know this guy.  He is a wearer of great hats and a singer of great songs.  We are quite honored to share a stage with him.  

Field Mouse- in an age when young people are debating whether or not to follow their dreams, it is good to know that there is a band that sounds like dreams.  We can't wait to groove alongside their deep grooves.

Cheers Elephant- These dudes are great, sunglassed moustaches and all.  While oftentimes it is easy to describe a band by mentioning they sound like they are from this decade or that decade, these dudes are timeless.  People in the future will say they sound like the 40s-- the 2040s (through telepathic radio waves).

Nightlands- We have a long list of people we have always wanted to be on a bill with.  Scratch off one more.  

Via Audio- oooooooooh!  That is the sound I just made swaying to these jams.  Sometimes people (myself) get a bit wavery when a bio starts out with "Brooklyn based indie pop quartet."  This band is a call to read on or just totally fuck the bio and go straight to the audio page and sway on.  Can't wait for 5/15 to sway away.  

Backwords- chances are if you are still reading this post, you will dig this band like a bachoe digs swimming pools.  

The Extraordinaires- Philadelphia is flooded with freaks like these guys.  Sometimes, all you want to do is walk the dog and next thing you know you are being attacked by inspiring musicians!  what the dick!?

Sea of Bees- Here we go.  Do you really need to be told about this voice?  Get your head out of the blender and tune in.  Your hip cousin will approve.

Heyward Howkins- When you get a chance to share the stage with the man who shares the first tenor parts as you in your all male choir group, you book that stat.  That's the chance Mr. Krill got and he acted stat.  

Horse's Mouth- Hold someone's hand for this set.  You will need the extra support.  Your knees will weaken and you may get spooked a little.  It's alright though.

Ski Lodge-   mmmmhmmmmm.  shuck and jive just like Little Mac as the entire Rock Shop is shucking and jiving on Thursday May 24th, the birthday of Punch Out creator Makato Wato.  

So that is all the bands.  BUT HERE IS SOME MORE!  You can download a sampler of each show's guests jamming some tunes... Play it in your car.  Tell your car "play radical spinto residency sampler" and it will just play.  Cars do that nowadays:

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See you folks at the show tonite!

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Barton Allen said...

I told my car "play radical spinto residency sampler" and it totally worked.

Then I told it "send Shy Pursuit to the top of the charts" and it brought me by GPS to a fish place called Shy Purser's Charthouse. Can't win 'em all, I guess.