June 14, 2005

We are sitting in the Paradise Lounge in Boston MA right now typing up another entry. Seinfeld is on the TV Karl Denson's Tiny Universe is warming up in the Paradise Rock Club (seperate venue next door). Their tour bus is massive, I am jealous.
Nick says, "Don't be jealous... they're scrubs..." then taps me on the shoulder.

Food is 50% off after 8pm tonite. I may eat a meal with The Martha Dumptruck Massacre for that bargain.

Nick has something to say: How is good applesauce leftover? Perfect applesauce... leftover...

We played travel scrabble on the ride over here. Scott was manning the wheel while The Hughes bros, Nick and I competed in the word game. Nick won. Final scores are as follows:
Samuel Bradway Hughes: 115
Thomas Baird Hughes: 154
Jonathan Russell Eaton: 156
Nicholas "Klaus" Krill: 160 it was a close one

Right after the completion of the game, Scott pulled into a dead end construction zone and we had to back Killer up. Scott performed marvelously in spite of heckling from construction workers. Killer's intimidation factor is leveling off every time we pump her into reverse. Soon we will be backing trailers into you. Whoah!

What else-- I guess if you live in Boston tune into CN8 tomorrow (Wednesday night) as we will be interviewed and perform on NiteBeat.

Thats it for now, I have to go help set up the stage.

Go For Pro!!!!!


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