June 25, 2005

Norfolk VA/More eating competitions

So, I think I should start out with perhaps the greatest eating accomplishment of our stay in Maryland. Last night we were sleeping at Lochlan and Sarah's house and before putting on Batman Returns, we decided that another eating competition needed to take place. Lochlan ran out to the super market where he purchased a box of saltines and we all tried the "eat 6 saltines in a minut" competition. We gathered in a circle and one by one we failed to even come close to swallowing down the 6 saltines. Then midway through the competition, Nick Krill stepped up to the plate. Tom, Jon, Jeff, Sam, and Joe had all failed before him. Nick built up a stock of saliva and then his minute began. 40 (yes I said FORTY) seconds later, the saltines were digesting in his stomach and the house was erupting in cheers. No one else could do it, and Nick was declared the evening's chow machine.

Continuing with the theme of food, the lovely people at Relative Theory Records were nice enough to give us all free smoothies when we arrived this afternoon. It had been a long-hot-traffic-riddled drive down here, and the smoothies really hit the spot. The people here at Relative Theory are super nice. They asked us to play Oh Mandy twice tonite, which I doubt will happen, but maybe since they are so nice.

Tom bought a Byrds record, a Bee Gees record and a Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood record.

My power source for my laptop is fucked up and I may lose use of the computer if I cant figure a way to fix it. we shall see, Let us hope for the best.


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