August 23, 2005

chillin in Hot Springs

So the lovely Brad Anders let me use his computer here in Hot Springs to give a bit of a blog update. Everyone is playing board games including the "Worst Case Scenario" survival game which taught me to eat bark if i have a fever in the woods. good advice.

I just came to realize that we play our final show with Head of Femur tomorrow night, and then the final show of the tour two nights after that. Then the band returns to the mundane life of sleeping in beds, eating complete meals, and having conjugal visits from our G-Fs. The Femur guys have become good friends over this adventure, and we will be sad to part ways. All 9 of the homeys in the band (including Pat the sound-homey) haven't given us any wedgies or called us dorks yet. Instead, they have given us touring advice and fixed our snare drums with the tried and true experience of weathered musicians. Well done, chaps, if any of you read this, the spinto band wishes you the best in everything you attempt... even if the things you are attempting involve wedgies and name calling.

Upon return from our home, a few of the band members are going to a hole digging party given by our dear friend Albert. The Big Dig '05 will hopefully be updated on this blog as the intentions of this journal will stray from the band touring and move towards the band lollygagging. Sam has already agreed to attempt to eat 6 taco bell quesedilla things at the big dig, and i think we may crown a new beef master general there as well... i think it would be silly to leave you all in the dark about such things, so keep tight, even after the tour is over.


nat the brat said...

next time you guys are here, i promise i will be a more active participant in team sorry -- maybe i can even conjure up a a slide sound effect to shock and awe even the most jaded of team sorry players.

glad the second leg of your tour went well and you guys liked the hof dudes. maybe matt can get you guys here again for a proper show soonish.

- nat (aka spinner's wife)

ps - i also promise i'll make some of my awesome baked goods. we can't have you guys grifting your pastries from the dunkin' donuts dumpster.

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