August 22, 2005

sorry charlie

hey all- I just wanted to apologize for not posting in a few days. so much has happened and there has been no time to track down internet hot spots. I think we have played 3 awesome shows since the last post. and driven a good 1000 miles. that is way too long. even now, i sit in a room with inconsistent internet signals. When I find a legit hot spot im going to post about 25 pictures and tell a story about a girl with no belly button just to make up for this lull. in the mean time, we have to thank the following people for the following reasons:

head of femur... getting us sponge dinosaurs

the DeWitt Family.... being awesome with their hospitality

Toby... for not barking

Jon Chapman.... introducing us to the term "the lergy"

Maria.... showing us where the free nachos roam

until next time, keep the hope alive..

oh ya, another important tidbit! There are some photos up on now, so clear your cache and check that shite out!

exclamation point


-Charlie said...

I thought something had happened, bad, and I was involved. That saying gets me everytime.

Kerri said...

that girl totally didnt have a belly button, i did a casual walk by to verify