August 18, 2005

Desert here we come!

Good news, we will not be super late, only mildly late to Phoenix tonite. The spinto band is happy to discover that Arizona does not “celebrate” daylights saving time. Instead it celebrates the Arizona desert hairy scorpion. Jeff had one. They are not too poisonous, but have a bad attitude. It also celebrates the following dinosaur joke:

Q: Why was the dinosaur scratching his dino-scalp??
A: Dino-mites!!!!!!

Last night we told that joke on stage at Spaceland in Los Angeles. It was a joyous event sponsored by a local radio station KCRW. I like KCRW’s show “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” I used to listen to it on my computer at work. Camel cigarettes, in which Joe received a few complimentary packages of Turkish Gold cigarettes, also sponsored the event. When the young lady advertising Camels asked what I thought they could do to improve sales, I recommended changing the name of their Turkish Gold’s to Turkish Delights.

Head of Femur had another awesome set last night. They are climbing the rock-steady power rankings and are now in a stable top 10 position. They also told a dinosaur joke last night:

Q: What did the dinosaur say to the trilobyte
A: nothing, dinosaurs have been dead for millions of years!

That joke was not as good as this one which Head of Femur let loose in San Francisco:

Q: What do you call a Brachiosaurus who spilled a large cooking pot of Hungarian goulash?
A: The crock mess monster!!!!

Irregardless, all dinosaur jokes are hilarious, as long as confused indie-rock audiences are the recipients.

Speaking of San Francisco, our dear host Mary drove us around town after the show and was nice enough to take us down some steep hills and show us the true tourist attraction of her fine city: the Tanner family home from Full House. It was just as I remembered it from TGIF. Flashbacks of little Stephanie running around in the park while Uncle Jessie and Bob Saget are chill-axin’ on their picnic blanket overwhelmed the Scion and we all had to stretch for a second. Then we went back to her apartment and smoked legal substances and went to sleep. No Team Sorry was played. Mary, if you ever come to the east coast, the spinto band will show you the true tourist attraction of our home town: The Herrs chip factory!

On a side note, there is currently a bubbling obsession in the travels of the spinto band. This obsession takes a back seat to all things Tetris, but has a momentum to take over my consciousness. The game is TextTwist and apparently you can download it at Yahoo games. Proceed with caution. Especially if you have disorders like our friend Sarah who made a movie about it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ryan said...

Good lady Text Twist has raised and crushed many spirits in my house. I love her, yet I despise her.

Anonymous said...

Text Twist was partially responsible for my returning home after my freshman year of college. Other contributors were Snood and the fact that Napster was legal. Another similar game, is Word Whomp which is powered by AOL on It offers the same concept as Text Twist, but it incorporates gophers and a bonus game involving a hungry bloodhound.

Also, check out this disturbing wallpaper of G.O.B. that I found:

I like to look at it and play Europe's "Final Countdown." Then I strike what I like to call, "G.O.B. poses." I really like to take care of business while at work.

Lady said...

Mary rocks!!! Glad ya'll had fun with her...

mary said...

next time you come to town i'm taking you guys on the most zig-zaggy street...and i'm not talking lombard st, it's even better!

thanks for the pizza. you guys can crash at our flat any time. i mean it.

p.s. michelle and DJ say hi.

jill said...

you guys are awesome

kelly said...

Scott Wiener said...

Hey boys. Sounds like the travels are mighty. Cranford has gotten pretty heavily into Nok Hockey lately. We're pretty hardcore about it. Also of note, Joel and I stopped by the Tanner home and took turns snapping photos of eachother sitting on the grassy hill in front of it like in the opening credits. We even got a little picnic together for authenticity. HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

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Girl from DE said...

haha..yes..Herr's chip factory..the main attraction in the DE area and it's not even in DE..keep it up guys! You make DE proud!