April 21, 2006

7-up Ice

This soda is shockingly refreshing, or so the packaging says…Is it refreshing? Yeah, I suppose. Shockingly refreshing? C’mon, let’s be real here. I expect a cold soda to refresh me, and this soda does, but it’s nowhere near a shock, but you know what is a bit? The packaging. 7-up over here in Ireland (UK also) where found this soda still use that old favorite 7-up mascot. No, not the Cool Spot, but good guess…It’s that really cool looking lanky white dude with Kid ‘N Play hair. Remember him? I hope so. Alls I can say is “this dude looks SHOCKED!” The packaging is okay; it’s less green and more white to suggest ice, so that’s all good, nothing special otherwise.

Taste wise, I quite like this. On first consumption, you get a nice lemon-lime flavor you expect from the 7-up brand, but the aftertaste is where the real surprise comes in. The aftertaste is almost minty. It’s a bit hard to describe really, but it does taste quite clean. It feels way less syrupy than regular 7-up and for that it gets a great deal credit for that. Overall, this is a good soda. I would drink it again, but maybe next time I’ll put it on ice! Ugh… 7-up/10


stacey said...

god i can't wait for you to try irn bru.
mmm the sweet, sweet taste of orange toothpaste

Vandiminion Farnese said...

Excellent you point out the 7up ice taste well. Im still searching for 7up ice till this day and it like this product never existed! if you find this product ill buy it off you. please..