May 13, 2006

A Hard Knock Life

this poor beast was doomed from the get go. I always knew Canada was full of rascists! Bear-rascists, the worst kind.

poll: which name do you prefer: "grolar bears" or "pizzlies"

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solipsized said...

typical, that an american shot the poor bugger. Anyhow, "grolar bear" gives my voice the special overbearing tones which "pizzly" cannot accomplish! Pizzly makes me think I'm talking about Pez, or something.

Mouse said...

Grolar bear is absoulutely more intimidating. It sounds like Growl, but better. Fancy.

Anonymous said...

yes, because americans are the only ones that kill animals.

one more vote for grolar bear.

Anonymous said...

did you know that even if that bear wasn't shot, it couldn't have re-produced...kinda like donkeys...see, i do pay attention in biology!