May 13, 2006

the newest doppelganger

We have encountered many a doppelganger on this tour and they are always exciting. I can still remember how my jaw dropped the first time I saw the Sam-Phil combo in Newcastle. But this my friends…THIS is truly exciting…THIS is….the newest doppelganger.

Below is a picture of the Mystery Jets' tour manager in his natural habitat:

And here is our bud, and guitar player in the teeth, Brian Ashby in his “ dude is chillin’ “ stance:

Wow right!? Obviously the mustachio was a tip-off…but really…it works on so many levels…


Anonymous said...

Its all about how the cheek/cheekbones are complimented by the 'stach.

Two handsome guys no doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

Shai from the Capitol Years/the War on Drugs reminds me of Nick.

Megan said...

AMAZING moustache! Please give him my regards. I am incredibly impressed.

*starlet charlotte* said...

i would love to find my own doppelganger!